Brandon Miles

A Personal Story

The Truth…

I’ve spent the last 12 years challenged with personal struggles related to my career, happiness and personal well-being. Since I was a child I’ve suffered from anxiety, which later lead me down avenues of addiction, all in an effort to mask the truth I wasn’t willing to face. The choices I’ve made have been out of fear, greed, and lack of patience.

The hardest part was an absence of truth in the path I was on. While it may have been suitable for many, deep down I knew it lacked creativity and the ability to help others, the two things that give me purpose in this world.

Over the course of this time I had written a book called Suburban Addict, to serve as a guide for any individual or loved one struggling with addiction. Just months after completing it, I lost my father unexpectedly, and then the entire book to an accident with my laptop. I felt completely lost, alone, and in the dark.

We walk in darkness so that others may see the light…

Two things that have always fascinated me in life; our relationship with addiction, and the ability to overcome hardship.

So, what really is addiction? I’ve come to learn that it comes in many forms, and is part of our internal process to escape from an emotion in search of an unmet need. Our society’s connotation with the word has grown negative, commonly associated with a behavioral or substance abuse that continues despite harmful consequences. While there is truth in this, many forget that our ability to channel addiction for good, is as critical as its’ stigma to help us avoid the bad.

When I look back on the challenges I’ve experienced in life, my ability to overcome them was always tied to the strength of my environment, relationships and personal well-being:

Where and how I keep the space I live, is a reflection of how I think and behave.

Who I interactive with or emulate, influences the decisions and expectations of myself as a individual.

What I choose to partake in, has a direct impact on my physical, mental and spiritual health.

A Purpose…

The point of it all is that I never have nor will be a perfect person. I do however strive to achieve perfection in my darkest moments, through daily habits and decisions that promote the best possible version of myself.

Once again I am climbing out from that darkness, this time with a greater sense of commitment and purpose to help others. I’ve since re-written Suburban Addict, and will publish it by 2023 for all individuals, families and friends struggling through addiction. More importantly is the creation of this site, with a purpose of sharing content that supports healthy habits and decision-making today, for a better you tomorrow.

There is nothing more important than human life and the inspiration that can come from your journey. No matter who you are or where you’re from, I look forward to being part of it.