Years ago I lost everything I had written for Suburban Addict to be published.  It was crushing, to think of the years and countless moments of thought and emotion put on paper, gone in an instant.  During this time, wave after wave of heartbreak ensued.  I lost my father, this book, nearly all my finances.  Still, I was left with a choice to dwell on the past, or cut the chord and look to the future. 

Our consciousness and individual perceptions of the world are truly a gift. We take notice of every small vibration around us, and like a series of waves, what we resist only grows more difficult.  To surrender though, and ride the process out to a new opening, is something else altogether.

I look forward so much to publishing this book in support of individuals and families struggling through addiction. Please feel free to contact our site with any questions you might have.

Brandon is a multi-disciplinary creator, Coach and author with a focus on health, Wellness and addiction